League has disaster resources available

With Tropical Storm Erika tracking toward Florida and possibly the gulf, now is a good time for a credit union to know its disaster plan. The uncertainty of the storm means that credit unions should prepare for the worst this weekend and into early next week. Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of […]

Small-business owners’ confidence in economy wanes

Small-business owners’ confidence in the overall economy is fading despite strength in their own operations, a sign the recovery’s gains may be slowing. For August, the portion of small businesses reporting that the U.S. economy was improving fell to its lowest level since the government shutdown of 2013, according to a monthly survey of small […]

Automate your due-diligence process, assess risk, and cut down on staff hours

Managing your third party vendors takes up a lot of staff hours. From the credit union’s third-party lending vendors to the lawn service contract, all have to be tracked, managed, and re-negotiated. This process can take a number of staff to complete each year. Plus, the NCUA is increasing pressure on these contracts. Credit Union […]

Credit unions have two weeks to submit MBL comments

Credit unions are urged to take a few minutes and drop the NCUA a comment on the proposed MBL regulation overhaul. The League has talked to senior members at the NCUA that say the banks continue to send comments in large quantities. Many are form comment letters, but they are enough to get the NCUA’s […]