Non-interest income sources rising for credit unions

Non-interest income sources continue to emerge within the credit union industry with limited options for income reporting and composition on the 5300 Call Report.  Earlier this summer, Callahan & Associates surveyed 170 credit union executives from 40 states to gain insight into their current and emerging sources of non-interest income. The Non-Interest Income survey focused […]

Vining Sparks talks auto loan trends

During the last five years, credit unions have seen overall loan growth averaging 4%, while vehicle portfolios have more than doubled that amount. Vehicle balances now make up 38% of credit union loan portfolios resulting in a more than $100 billion increase on balance sheets. The vast majority of this growth comes through indirect channels […]

Vendor Management: A fit solution for every credit union

Credit unions are under increased pressure to find ways to better manage third-party vendor relationships. To maintain compliance, credit unions need to have systems in place to ensure that they meet standards for managing their third-party agreements. A sound contract management system will provide peace-of-mind when preparing for your next exam, without draining the vital […]

LEVERAGE partners with Linqto for new app store

LEVERAGE and Linqto, a Silicon Valley technology company that specializes in apps for the financial services industry, are partnering to pilot the LEVERAGE App Store. The app store is powered by Linqto’s Otter platform. It allows participating financial institutions to select from a list of the latest fintech apps, brand those apps, and have them […]

Credit unions score well in small business survey

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York recently released survey results for 2015 lending to small businesses. The survey found that credit unions scored the second best satisfaction rating; just behind small banks. This was quite a feat considering 43 percent more small businesses applied for a loan at a small bank than a credit […]

CUSC of Alabama gives back for fifth straight year

Shared branching had a very healthy year in Alabama in 2015. Credit union members are using the services while more credit unions are seeing the value in shared branching. The Credit Union Service Centers (CUSC) of Alabama will pay a patronage rebate and dividend for the fifth straight year. The patronage rebates and dividends are […]