Reward programs stay front-and-center with industry trends

Increasing loyalty and member engagement remains a top priority for credit union growth. Achieving success will depend heavily on how credit unions utilize rewards for their debit and credit programs. Reward programs can serve as a foundation for other industry trends on the rise such as card-linking. reports that card-linking allows consumers to link […]

LEVERAGE offers website audits

A credit union’s website is a window into its business. A robust website is a prerequisite for today’s member. It’s the standard platform for credit unions to promote value and to provide 24/7/365 accessibility, as well as core values to current and potential members. You may not know that websites are subject to the same […]

Underground website for data breaches flooded with activity

One of the most well known underground websites to sell stolen debit and credit card information is seeing unprecedented activity. The Krebs on Security website writes that the flood of activity at a well known website is “Faced with a buyer’s market, these elite shops set themselves apart by focusing on loyalty programs, frequent-buyer discounts, […]

Print Office Depot/Office Max Store Purchasing Card for savings

Take advantage of the savings through the Office Depot/Office Max Store Purchasing Card. This card allows access to more than 1,000 Office Depot/Office Max stores. Whether it is used by your credit union, credit union staff, or members, using the store purchasing card provides savings through national collaborative buying power. Show this card when checking […]

Florida payday lender law comes under scrutiny

The Center for Responsible Lending conducted a study about payday lending laws and found that the Florida law, passed in 2001, has not been protecting consumers as it was intended. The study found that “these ‘best practices’ are merely smoke and mirrors that do not prevent the payday loan debt cycle. Florida’s experience with payday […]

LEVERAGE partner Vining Sparks discusses updated Performance Profile in webinar

Vining Sparks will present a webinar exclusively for credit unions on March 31 at 11 a.m. EDT/ 10 a.m. CDT . This is the first in the 2016 webinar series. Credit unions have relied on Vining Sparks’ proprietary Performance Profile for more than 25 years to help them identify needs and opportunities for their investment portfolios. Vining Sparks recently […]