LEVERAGE expands partnership with CU Solutions Group

LEVERAGE announces an expanded partnership with CU Solutions Group, an award-winning, national credit union service organization that offers expertise and best-in-class solutions in technology, marketing and performance. LEVERAGE has partnered with CU Solutions Group for many years on their Love My Credit Union Rewards program and now is able to offer their full suite of […]

Some key points to ponder about Leadership

Have and Share a Vision Vision is the ability to imagine the organization’s future and inspire others to work toward achieving that future. Learn more about recruiting top talent in the credit union movement from CU Resources. Pursue Excellence Do it right the first time Look for opportunities for improvement, however small Seek new ways […]

Would shared accounting support services help your credit union?

Based on the interest of credit unions across Alabama and Florida, the LSCU is researching the best solution to bring economies of scale to credit unions under $150M for shared accounting support services. Please take this two-minute survey to help us determine what your current needs are and how we can provide the best solutions […]

‘Love My Credit Union’ features TurboTax program discounts for CU members

LEVERAGE partner Love My Credit Union Rewards January newsletter is out. Check out the new issue today and share it with your team. The latest newsletter includes the following articles: Market the TurboTax Program Discounts to Your Members Now! Deadline Fast Approaching – 2017 Marketing Documentation Your Members Can Now Get Unlimited Plus Hulu New Marketing Materials in the Partner […]

JMFA asks how your financial institution ranks when it comes to disclosure

We hear a lot about rankings these days. Whether it’s the latest movie releases, professional and college sports teams, places to live, restaurants or online visibility, placing on the top rung of a ranking list can raise one’s reputational capital. In the uber-competitive financial services space, achieving high consumer rankings greatly depends on an institution’s […]