LSCU Board of Directors election results

LSCU Directors Kevin Johnson and Alvin J. Cowans were recently nominated as candidates for re-election to the LSCU Board of Directors for the two Region 2, Category 3 seats (one open seat and one newly created) in Florida. Johnson, who serves as president/CEO at Suncoast Credit Union in Tampa, ran unopposed and was re-elected by acclamation to the […]

Servant Leadership Perspective

With the LSCU CORE Leadership Academy launched this year, we have made continual education of our managers and supervisors a strategic priority for the organization.  I am also fortunate that my Board of Directors has always been supportive of me honing my leadership skills through executive education.  As leaders, we should never stop learning or […]

LEVERAGE partnership with CU Resources simplifies recruiting solutions

With 33-55 percent of credit union executives expected to retire over the next ten years, there is great potential for an executive talent gap in the industry. In order to meet this need, LEVERAGE has partnered with CU Resources to provide top notch executive search services. Take one minute to hear why this complete vetting process for mid-level management […]

FDUPTA Exemption moves forward

Yesterday, the Florida House of Representatives voted unanimously to pass HB 1347 by Rep. Shev Jones (D-West Park). The legislation exempts credit unions from lawsuits under the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trades Practices Act in the identical way that banks are currently exempt. The Senate companion legislation, SB 1620 by Sen. Bobby Powell (D-Riviera Beach) passed unanimously in the Commerce & Tourism committee […]

Take action today to save the CDFIF

For credit unions supporting the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFIF), it’s time to take action to protect the program. The federal government is operating under a continuing resolution that expires on April 28, and President Donald Trump’s new budget proposes to eliminate federal funding for the CDFI Fund. CDFIs finance community development initiatives, including […]