ComplySight originates from a collaboration of League InfoSight and association/leagues whose affiliation results in a strong credit union focused, compliance solution. It streamlines compliance management in credit unions, automatically providing your credit union with regulatory alerts and updates. It also serves as a credit union’s universal compliance management tool providing tracking, visibility, and measurement to address compliance initiatives through a single application.

Using ComplySight, credit unions can:

  • From one central site, review regulations and laws to assess the level of compliance;
  • Manage regulatory requirements and the associated internal organizational communications;
  • Assign and track the activities needed to achieve or maintain compliance;
  • Push regulatory alerts and updates interactively to all credit unions;
  • Complement and access InfoSight and CU PolicyPro to provide a solution for regulatory requirements.

Complysight Overview


ComplySight provides visibility, tracking, measuring and reporting for compliance activities allowing credit unions to address compliance initiatives through a single application, assisting in the organization’s overall communication, supporting a state of continual readiness for audits, and providing regulatory updates essential to maintaining credit union compliance.

content-icon CONTENT
Easy to understand guidance to provide your credit union directions on compliance requirements.
regulatory-alerts-icon REGULATORY ALERTS
When a regulation changes or new guidance is introduced you will be notified and provided customized guidance.
ease-of-tracking-managing EASE OF TRACKING/MANAGING
ComplySight’s communication and tracking tools make it easy to determine your credit union’s compliance position.
compliance-consulting COMPLIANCE CONSULTING
Easily pairs with and supports your Association/League Consultant activities to provide complete compliance management.
reports REPORTS
Robust reporting features, overviews and in-depth information on your credit union’s compliance.
support SUPPORT
Have a question? League InfoSight provides your credit union with comprehensive guidance and support.


Join the ComplySight product team for one of the following comprehensive training sessions:

  • Introduction to ComplySight: Presents the benefits ComplySight offers to a credit union when used as their compliance management solution.
  • ComplySight Training 1.01: A detailed overview of ComplySight’s functionality with reviews of all user level functions.
  • ComplySight Training & Tips: An opportunity to review specific ComplySight topics in detail. Topics change so that users can continue to learn additional ComplySight functionality.
  • Reports in ComplySight: What reports are available and how do they work?
  • ComplySight Training for the L4 User: An overview of ComplySight topics from the viewpoint of the L4 user and how they can use ComplySight to assist in meeting credit union compliance goals.

For “live” webinars, Click on the DATE of the webinar to sign up and obtain registration instructions. (Note:  If a meeting number is required to register, this number follows the date/day.) This should be done at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the webinar to allow for registration to be accepted and login instructions received.  Please note that all of the webinars require a password, which is “1234.”  The times listed are in the Eastern Time Zone.

Session Meeting Number Date Time
ComplySight Training & Tips – Reports in ComplySight 595 326 929 May 11 3:30pm - 4:30pm (EDT)
Introduction to ComplySight 590 423 639 May 18 3:30pm - 4:30pm (EDT)


Introduction to ComplySight

Designed to introduce and show the many features and benefits of ComplySight.

ComplySight Training & Tips – Where to Start?

This webinar will: suggest a starting point as a new ComplySight user, discuss how Factor Grading works, review the Action Item Build/Edit process, and discuss the need for a compliance management tool that regulators – and you – will appreciate.

ComplySight Training & Tips – How to Export Data

When you need to archive or copy data out of ComplySight for a fresh start or to provide information for a board meeting, this webinar will explain the process.

ComplySight Training & Tips – Reg Alerts, Etc.

This webinar explains Regulatory Alerts, Factor Weighting, Assigning Employees, and gives a quick preview of Level 2.5


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