Digital Deception and Analogue Actors – Avoiding Threats Against Your Credit Union (Repeat Session)

Friday | 2pm – 3:30pm
Barry Thompson, Barry Thompson, managing partner, Thompson Consulting Group, LLC
Steve Stasiukonis, president, Secure Network Technologies
Segura 1-4, Lower Level

Internet and Physical Fraud can occur in many ways.  Traditional scams combined with the many forms of Internet Communication and Social Networking is growing exponentially.  Con-artists artists are now using these protocols to become more effective while maintaining anonymity. This session will explain numerous ways personal and business intelligence is gathered on the Internet and then how it’s used against your credit union and members.   The session discusses the numerous ways your information is found by the bad guys; i.e. Data Mining, Open Source Intelligence, Google Dorking and other public data and collection techniques.  The session will also explain the numerous ways organizations and individuals become a victim; i.e. Scams, Social Engineering, Phishing and Whaling Practices as well as Confidence Games.  Credit Union Help Desks, Call Centers and Customer Service are one of the common targets for the criminal element utilizing these techniques.  Almost anyone on your staff can be compromised if they aren’t prepared to spot and thwart these forms of nefarious activities.

About the Speaker:
Barry Thompson is an international speaker, trainer, consultant and writer who contributes to Bankers’ Hotline and; as well as a special advisor to Bankers’ Hotline.  He is a security and compliance “guru” for and organizes security conferences for trade groups.

Barry is recognized as a speaker worldwide, presenting in Brussels, Belgium to European bankers on internal fraud; at the United Nations on identity theft; and to Japanese bankers on bank security. Barry has worked in the financial services industry for over three decades, and has held the positions of security officer, compliance officer, treasurer, senior vice president, and executive vice president. He has handled over 900 security cases and has been involved with investigations and prosecutions at federal, state and local levels.

Steve Stasiukonis serves as President of Secure Network Technologies, focusing on Penetration Testing, Information Security Risk Assessments, Incident Response and Digital Investigations. Steve Stasiukonis has worked in the field of Information Security for over fifteen years, specializing in the use of technology to identify information security vulnerabilities, assessing risk and the collection and interpretation of digital network intelligence.  As a part of that experience, Steve is an expert in Social Engineering.  He is listed in Wikipedia as one of the most notable Social Engineers and has written and demonstrated actual social engineering efforts involving pretexting, phishing and physically compromising banks, data centers and other highly secure operations and facilities.  Steve carries numerous security certifications by various organizations and also serves as a columnist for Information Week magazine and DarkReading.


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