Disaster Relief Grant Application Guidelines

In times of natural disasters, concern for our credit unions and the communities they serve is a top priority for the League of Southeastern Credit Unions (LSCU) and the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation (SECUF). In an effort to meet the needs of our credit unions in times of disaster, the SECUF has a Disaster Relief Fund that is available to assist our credit unions, employees, volunteers and the communities that have been impacted. Grants are available to fund emergency needs, as well as, long-term and ongoing needs. Contributions and donations are currently being accepted.

Through assistance with the SECUF and the National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF), disaster relief funds can be used for a broad range of disaster-related needs as identified by credit unions in affected areas and approved by the SECUF. These needs include, but are not limited to the following items:

  • Critical Needs – Credit union employees and volunteers can receive assistance for items for daily living such as, but not limited to food, water, ice, batteries, clothing, diapers, temporary shelter, housing, gas and transportation.
  • Longer-term Recovery Needs – After surviving the initial emergency, credit union employees and volunteers may still face long-term needs related to the disaster. Even after they recover what they can from insurance payouts, victims may need assistance rebuilding or relocating to a new home, replacing lost vehicles and household items. As long as funds remain in the SECUF Disaster Relief Fund, the Foundation in concert with its agent(s) managing the recovery efforts may expand the grant criteria to include these and other longer-term recovery needs that are not fully covered by insurance.
  • Reasonable Operational Needs – While the SECUF’s first priority in disaster relief grant-making is to assist credit union employees and volunteers assistance may also be provided directly to credit unions and their support organizations in order to help them become and remain operational. Operational expenses related to disaster recovery may include items such as relocating, setting up temporary service facilities, joining shared service networks, hiring temporary staff, mentoring and counseling traumatized staff, repairing building damage, replacing destroyed computer software/hardware, office furniture, office supplies, and other needs that are not fully covered by insurance. All purchases must be reasonable and of the same standards as being replaced.

Subject to the criteria listed above, funds pledged to and received by the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation will be allocated in one of the following manners depending upon the location, size and complexity of the disaster:

  1. Directly to the credit unions, their affiliated foundations, corporate credit unions, or other credit union organizations or associations serving the affected area (or their approved surrogates), to manage this assistance. Assigned grantee staff will be responsible for distributing and reporting upon the use of such funds as described above using reporting procedures provided by the SECUF. Such a process is guided by oversight from the SECUF board of trustees.
  2. Directly by LSCU staff to affected credit unions, their employees or other credit union system organizations and individuals impacted by the disaster. This process will be guided by the SECUF board of trustees.

Donations are needed
Your donation will help credit union people rebuild their lives, whenever and wherever a major disaster strikes.
For more information, apply for a grant, or to make a contribution, contact  VP, Cooperative Initiatives April Ales at 866.231.0545 x 1038 or 850-558-1039.