Thursday | 1:15pm – 2:45pm
Karen McCullough
Segura 1-4, Lower Level

We are experiencing the biggest shift since the introduction of the Internet. New processes, technologies, and the onset of Millennials are transforming the business world. And…there’s another shift happening – The “Knowledge Bank” is shrinking as more and more executives eligible for retirement are exiting. Very soon organizations will replace decades of established experience with the next generation of leaders.  This program will share skills every Next-Generation leaders (and experienced leaders) need to grow, succeed, and lead.

Great Challenges  lead to  Great Opportunities!

About the speaker:
Karen McCullough has been called a branding expert, a social media enthusiast, and a Millennial evangelist. Karen draws on her varied background as a highly successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, and retail CEO to enlighten and entertain audiences. Before becoming a speaker Karen McCullough worked with brands such as Ralph Lauren and The Limited and gained hands-on experience in marketing, brand building, driving sales, leadership development, customer loyalty, and managing a diverse generational team.