Global Women’s Network Luncheon (GWNL)*

Friday | 12:15pm – 1:30pm
Karen McCullough

Mediterranean 6-7, Main Level
Separate Fee Required – $55

  A Shot of Energy

Do you ever feel tired and the day has just started? If so, you are not alone. A recent study reports that nearly 75% of American workers state that no matter how hard they work, they feel as if they are not moving forward.

Would you like to know the secrets of staying energized?  If so, Karen McCullough is here to help! She has been dubbed “a shot of energy,” and she walks her talk! Karen shares her personal energy rituals and top ways to increase productivity. Learn how to re-charge your battery and energize others. Audiences will leave smiling, with an optimistic mindset.

About the speaker:
Karen McCullough has been called a branding expert, a social media enthusiast, and a Millennial evangelist. Karen draws on her varied background as a highly successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, and retail CEO to enlighten and entertain audiences. Before becoming a speaker Karen McCullough worked with brands such as Ralph Lauren and The Limited and gained hands-on experience in marketing, brand building, driving sales, leadership development, customer loyalty, and managing a diverse generational team.