Membership Relations

The League of Southeastern Credit Union’s (LSCU) most recent member survey shows that Alabama and Florida credit unions approve of the job being done by the League. Ninety-seven percent of credit unions say their satisfaction with the LSCU increased or stayed the same, which is a nine-percent increase from the initial survey in 2010.

League Quarterly Update

Each quarter the LSCU & Affiliates President/CEO Patrick La Pine provides credit unions with a video update on the priorities for that quarter and looks ahead to the next quarter. The video will be emailed to credit unions. Contact LSCU VP, Cooperative Initiatives Laura Vann at 866.231.0545, ext. 2181, if you have questions about the quarterly update.

President’s Quarterly Video Report

Value of Affiliation

With the many challenges credit unions have faced over the last couple years, it has never been more important that we speak with one unified voice. Together we can ensure a favorable legislative and regulatory for credit unions both in Washington, D.C. and at our state capitols.

LSCU & Affiliates “How We Delivered” report:

The LSCU & Affiliate’s 2015 affiliation brochure, “Focusing on Your Success.”

LSCU Bylaws

The LSCU & Affiliates bylaws were recently updated after a five-year review. These updated bylaws were approved by LSCU membership on June 18, 2015 at the LSCU Annual Business Meeting.