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Trust and advocacy are two important words in the credit union industry. When blended together the words “Trusted Advocate” can convey a powerful message. For an organization to be a “Trusted Advocate,” it has to have earned your trust through a proven track record of success. Since the consolidation of the Alabama and Florida Leagues in 2010, the LSCU has worked hard to reinvent the League and demonstrate increased value of affiliation. The League significantly bolstered its advocacy function as well as compliance support and training. Educational offerings have been expanded to meet the changing needs of credit union officials. The development and support activities for small asset size credit unions and chapters are second to none. More than $1 million in dues rebates have been returned to credit unions over the past four years while holding the line on dues. The LSCU & Affiliates is Your Trusted Advocate each and every day.

Value of LSCU Affiliation

When the League and credit unions work together, the credit union movement has real strength. The LSCU is Your Trusted Advocate each and every day through advocacy, compliance, education, cooperative initiatives, and communications. View the infographic to see how “One Unified Voice” makes the credit union system stronger.


The LSCU & Affiliate’s 2016 affiliation brochure, “Your Trusted Advocate”

Value of CUNA Affiliation

The LSCU has never been more committed to coordinating with CUNA and the League System to advance issues of importance to the credit union movement.  The LSCU & Affiliates strongly encourages credit unions to affiliate with the LSCU and CUNA. The combined power of a national association, state leagues, member credit unions, and more than 100 million members form an unequaled network looking out for credit unions’ best interests.

Click below to see the value of your CUNA dues.

CDFI Resources

The LSCU & Affiliates is committed to helping Alabama and Florida credit unions obtain their Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) certification. The League is also working with credit unions in Florida, in conjunction with Suncoast Credit Union, the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions, CU Strategic Planning, and other non-profit partners. The webinar below will answer many questions and help credit unions get started in the process.

League Quarterly Update

Each quarter the LSCU & Affiliates President/CEO Patrick La Pine provides credit unions with a video update on the priorities for that quarter and looks ahead to the next quarter. The video will be emailed to credit unions. Contact LSCU VP, Cooperative Initiatives Laura Vann at 866.231.0545, ext. 2181, if you have questions about the quarterly update.