Monday is tax day – remember the credit union tax exemption

Tax form payment

Tax form payment

Tax Day is the perfect time to reflect on the tax-exempt status of credit unions. The League and member credit unions achieved great success with the Don’t Tax My Credit Union campaign in 2013, which resulted in more than 100,000 individual contacts with the members of Congress from Alabama and Florida. As you know, the battle to maintain the tax-exempt status for credit unions continues every day.

The LSCU Advocacy team is always working to make sure the Alabama and Florida Congressional delegation understands that the tax exemption doesn’t simply just impact the way credit unions do business. It benefits more than seven million members across Alabama and Florida, as well as consumers, by ensuring the availability of affordable financial services.

Year-to-year the Advocacy team might be focusing on other legislative and regulatory issues, but maintaining the tax-exempt status is at the core of its advocacy efforts. Your membership in the LSCU and CUNA makes certain that the industry is speaking with a united voice to the members of Congress. Take a moment to think about how much your credit union would have to pay in taxes if the tax exemption ended. By continuing your LSCU and CUNA membership, you are investing in the future of not only your individual credit union but the entire credit union movement.

The League thanks all of its members that they have confidence in the LSCU & Affiliates to represent you before Congress, with regulatory agencies, as well as in Montgomery and Tallahassee. The LSCU & Affiliates is Your Trusted Advocate on Tax Day, as well as each and every day of the year.