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Alabama and Florida contacts climbing

Credit unions across the country have made nearly 600,000 contacts with their lawmakers. Alabama and Florida credit unions are beginning to climb the list of states that are making a difference. The two states have now made more than 24,000 contacts with their lawmakers. This puts the combined states sixth on the list of state leagues.

This is a big improvement from last week where Alabama and Florida were ranked ninth. California continues to have the most contacts with 117,000 with Mississippi next with 66,000. Much of Mississippi's contacts are from a postcard campaign. The League is doing a similar campaign beginning this week. More than 125,000 postcards were printed and should be distributed this week to credit unions, along with instructions. If your credit union has not asked for postcards, contact LSCU Governmental Affairs Specialists Jordan Burroughs at 866.231.0545 ext. 1008.