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CUNA Warns of May 7 Website Attacks

CUNA warns credit unions to be aware of the possibility of widespread Distributed Denial of Service attacks on May 7.

The trade group cited Internet “chatter” about the attacks in its warning and said credit unions are included in the threats to take down online banking websites.

The warning even included telling credit unions to “consider alerting members about the Internet threat for May 7 and asking members to execute critical online banking business on a different day or come into the credit union office.”

They also were advised to alert call centers and their network staff.

Tom Nohelty, CUNA’s vice president of information technology, said in the announcement, “It is not possible to assess the veracity of the threat at this time, but it is important that credit unions be aware and prepared at all times.

“Also, some of the largest credit unions are included in a list of targets for the purported May attack so heightened awareness is warranted.”

At least two credit unions – Patelco CU in California and University FCU – were hit in recent attacks in which floods of external communication requests overloaded servers and disrupted service.