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CUNA offers Risk Based Capital Action Center to challenge NCUA's proposal

CUNA continues its efforts in response to NCUA’s Risk Based Capital Proposal by offering a “Risk Based Capital Action Center” website which went live Thursday. This website is based on the same grassroots ideas CUNA has implemented and continues to implement in the Don’t Tax My Credit Union campaign, but is retooled for a regulatory focus. CUNA hopes to use this site to put pressure on NCUA to fix this proposal.

In addition to a brief background about the rule, as well as a summary of CUNA’s concerns in bullet point form, the site will allow CUNA members to directly write NCUA. Quickly and efficiently, users can submit a comment letter electronically with the click of a mouse. CUNA has included sample opening and closing paragraphs and list of questions users can respond to in order to edit and personalize their own letter. Users are not required to address all of the questions, just the ones for which they would like to comment. They can, of course, include comments on other topics not listed. 

CUNA believes that comment letters on this proposal will make a real difference, and so it is very important that credit unions generate as many as possible. CUNA will automatically have a copy of all letters sent through the site, and will forward copies from credit unions in your states directly to you. CUNA will also collect letters to give to Members of Congress, media, and other stakeholders here in DC to demonstrate why they should care about the rule as credit union put more pressure on NCUA.