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FBI Alert on DDoS

For nearly a year the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has been warning financial institutions about potential cyber attacks known as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. When executed, the virus used will "infect" the institutions system and cause a denial of service.

While a majority of the attacks to this point have been unsuccessful, some credit unions have fallen victim to this virus and the attackers are not giving up. The League wanted to make sure you received the included information from the FBI. The FBI has issued the following Flash Warning, along with a list of identified IP addresses from which attacks have originated.

If you have been a victim of this type of attack and have not yet done so, please contact the FBI immediately. If you have any questions or need any other assistance on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact Jared Ross, SVP, association services at 866.231.0545 ext. 1012.