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Being Credit Card Wise: Processing & Data Breaches

Friday | 9:15am - 10:45am
Jon Rasmussen, vice president, card services, Suncoast Credit Union
Robert Jarosinski, senior consultant, risk management, CUNA Mutual Group
Cordova 2, Lower Level

Where is your credit card program currently? 1) Have you sold and now want to start up again? 2) Are you thinking about selling your program? 3) Have you never issued, but are thinking about starting up a new program? Jon and Robert will discuss the pros/cons you will see for all options and what choices do you have.

About the Speakers
Christopher and Chad are musicians with a mission based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Outside of their day jobs, they moonlight as the music duo “The Disclosures” and write songs and perform presentations about the importance of financial literacy and social responsibility. Since their first album comprised of songs that focus on credit union history and philosophy – Christopher and Chad have presented highly-rated educational sessions and music performances to credit unions, chapters, trade associations, and vendors across the nation.