LSCU COOP / Cooperative Initiatives

Cooperative Initiatives

LSCU’s Cooperative Initiatives team maintains strong member relations with credit unions and chapters. Leagues have always been a catalyst for cooperative activities, and our job is to help our members be leaders in their communities and help them differentiate themselves from other financial institutions.

We understand that smaller credit unions have a unique set of needs. With the combination of Alabama’s and Florida’s distinct programs for small asset size credit unions, LSCU’s Small Asset Size credit union program creates a better environment to ensure that those unique needs are met through tailored products and services to help fine-tune operations and facilitate growth.

In addition, Cooperative Initiatives houses the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation, continuing to facilitate contributions and need-based scholarships. We utilize our international partnerships to advise and work in nations where credit unions are emerging. In addition, we work cooperatively with credit unions and chapters to expand financial literacy offerings to members and non-members alike with an emphasis on adult education.

Target areas for Cooperative Initiatives:

  • Membership Relations – Developing affiliation retention and recruitment strategies, with an emphasis on relationship building. 
  • SAS CU Development & Support – Providing programs and services directed at the needs of small asset size credit unions. 
  • Chapter Support – Developing and implementing plans for strengthening LSCU support for chapters and chapter leaders.
  • Foundation – Providing leadership and management support through the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation. 
  • Financial Education Support – Positioning credit unions as strong advocates for consumer financial education. 
  • International Partnerships – Overseeing implementation and acting as liaison between credit unions and the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU).