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Washington, DC
Sept. 16-17, 2015

Representing the interests of 288 credit unions with $64 billion in assets and 6.5 million members allows the LSCU to have a powerful political voice and command the attention of lawmakers in Montgomery, Tallahassee, and Washington D.C. This means we convey the “Credit Union Difference” and advocate on behalf of Alabama and Florida credit unions with a more powerful collective voice to affect positive change for our industry.

The ever-changing political landscape of financial institutions demands consistent legislative and regulatory advocacy. The combined experience and collective knowledge of the LSCU’s expanded Governmental Affairs Department allows us to put forth a proactive legislative and regulatory issues agenda.

The LSCU is very much aware of the increasing regulatory burden on credit unions. Our regulatory and compliance staff are working to lessen the burden through regular contact and interaction with state and federal regulators before rules are written to decrease the operational impact on credit unions.

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2015 Legislative Agendas

Visit the LSCU Action Center to view the Alabama, Florida and Federal legislative agendas for 2015.

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