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Credit Union Leaders’ Roles in Advocacy

Wednesday | 3pm - 4pm
Jared Ross, VP, Governmental Affairs, LSCU
Jason Cochran, Director, Governmental Affairs, LSCU

Each year, our credit unions are asked what the most important aspects of affiliation to the League are, and, each year, advocacy continues to rank among the highest reasons. The LSCU Governmental Affairs team works hard every day in Montgomery, Tallahassee, and Washington, but cannot do it alone. We need the help of our credit union leaders to be successful at the state and federal levels. Join us for a panel discussion about the role of directors in the credit union industry’s advocacy efforts.

About the Speakers  
LSCU Vice President of Governmental Affairs Jared Ross represents the interests of credit unions before state and federal lawmakers and regulators. He also serves as the main staff liaison to all legislative staff, helping to build relationships with credit unions and their elected officials. Prior to joining the League, Jared was the Director of Public Policy for the American Cancer Society’s Florida Division, working on several successful legislative campaigns, as well as a successful ballot initiative.
Jared Ross
LSCU Director of Governmental Affairs, Alabama, Jason Cochran is responsible for the direct lobbying of federal and state lawmakers in Alabama and oversees the political action committee and grassroots networks for the LSCU. He has increased the visibility of credit unions in Washington D.C. and Montgomery while promoting an aggressive legislative agenda for credit unions and influencing numerous pieces of legislation.
Jason Cochran