Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to be tapped for Attorney General by President-elect Trump

President-elect Donald Trump is expected to announce later on today that he has offered the job of attorney general to Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, according to transition official Sean Spicer. Sessions was an early Trump supporter and met with the President-elect at his New York home office yesterday. According to an article in Politico, “Sessions […]

League Sources Reveal NCUA Board Changes for 2017

League sources have provided some insight on items of interest from today’s NCUA  Board meeting for 2017: There will be a $1 million decrease in the overall budget. The NCUA will institute an 18-month exam cycle for credit unions below $1 billion in assets that carry a CAMEL 1 or 2 rating.  The other exam […]

Nussle receives recognition as ‘Top Lobbyist’

CUNA President/CEO Jim Nussle is named top lobbyist for associations by The Hill. Nussle has appeared on The Hill’s annual list naming the top lobbyists in Washington D.C. for three consecutive years. The Hill’s list of top lobbyists is created based on conversations with aides, other lobbyists and members of Congress. The newspaper covers lobbying […]

League sources anticipate tax reform in 2017

In recent meetings on the Hill, League sources have learned the following on potential for tax reform in 2017: Law firms and tax analysts are bullish on international tax reform and are pointing to a surface agreement between Speaker Paul Paul Ryan and the next Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer to impact this issue. Both […]

Advocacy team announces legislative issues agendas

Over the past several months, the LSCU Advocacy Committees and the LSCU Advocacy Team have been developing and finalizing legislative issues agendas that will guide the legislative direction of the League for the next couple of years. The agendas, both Federal and Alabama Issues, cover some familiar territory but also reflect the ever-growing need for […]

Circuit Court to hear Oral Arguments in case challenging TCPA Order

Oral arguments in the case challenging the FCC’s July 2015 TCPA Order will be held Wednesday, Oct. 19. CUNA staff plans to attend the hearing that will be held at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. CUNA has been closely following this case and filed a joint Amici Brief highlighting credit union concerns with the Order. Some of the specific consequences […]