Business lending risk management training for credit unions

LEVERAGE is offering a series of regional training events designed to assist credit union leadership in managing their business lending programs. Each training session will provide regulatory guidance to the board and management on meeting the NCUA’s new regulatory environment that allows credit unions much greater freedom in business lending and increased scrutiny on the […]

Vining Sparks hosts Sept. 20 mortgage webinar

Vining Sparks will present a webinar, “Mortgage Market with a Focus on CMOs,” on Sept. 20 exclusively for credit unions. This is the fifth in the 2018 webinar series. Mortgage related securities fulfill important and diverse roles for many credit union portfolio managers. The wide range of available terms and structures available within the sector […]

JMFA looks at overdraft program vulnerabilities

Cheryl Lawson, EVP-Compliance Review for JMFA writes an article, “Does your overdraft program leave you open to a lawsuit?” studying issues with credit unions’ existing programs.  What’s the difference between a service-oriented, fully disclosed overdraft program that is clearly and responsibly presented to account holders … and one that is used solely to earn revenue, at all […]

Key differences drive multicultural consumer behavior

Over the past five years, multicultural consumers* have accounted for 100 percent of the U.S. population growth and 61 percent of credit union membership growth. As the population becomes increasingly diverse, understanding cultural differences might cause credit unions to reconsider their communication messages and product delivery channels. Our What Matters Now™: Insights from Multicultural Consumers […]

JMFA: Costs of back-to-school for families

In an article by John M. Floyd & Associates (JMFA), “Making Ends Meet in the Dog Days of Summer, you’ll see the high costs of education for Americans.” Summer is winding down, and kids are heading back to school. Across the U.S., some 29 million households are expected to spend $27.6 billion on supplies and […]