Disaster Recovery Resources

A disaster can strike at any moment. It could be anything from a hurricane to a flood to a fire. Credit unions need to have a plan in place if a disaster strikes. Financial institutions play a crucial role after disasters take place. The League of Southeastern Credit Unions has many resources available to help members prepare for potential disasters and offers disaster recovery workshops several times throughout the year in various locations.

Disaster Resources

Disaster Recovery Hotline

The Disaster Hotline is available 24/7 for your credit union’s use. This hotline was set up specifically as a way to provide information to your credit union’s employees during a disaster such as a hurricane or other disaster in which your credit union’s primary communications are down.

NCUA Disaster Preparedness Resources

The NCUA has a number of resources to help credit unions plan out their disaster plan. The NCUA suggests that federally chartered credit unions review their plan on a regular basis and also have a “dry run” to ensure the credit union is prepared in case a disaster hits.

The state of Alabama and the state of Florida also have very good resource pages that credit unions should bookmark and refer to during times of natural disasters.