What We Do

The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation is active in and dedicated to:

  1. Providing resources to better enable credit unions to reach and provide guidance to adult and youth on financial education.
  2. Equipping credit unions to better serve low-income segments through Community Development. This is done by assisting with the CDFI certification process and connecting credit unions with potential funding opportunities. The SECUF also aids credit unions through the establishment of grants to subsidize the cost associated with community development. For more information about the certification, please review the video series CDFI — Introduction and Overview. Contact SECUF Director Juli Lewis with further questions at 850-321-5199 or by email.
  3.  Awarding professional development scholarships to those individuals who best exemplify the credit union philosophy, and whose attendance at approved programs would be beneficial in the perpetuation of credit union goals and ideas on an as-needed basis.
  4. Development, establishment, and/or operation of programs for disaster relief for credit unions and/or credit union employees who have been affected by a natural disaster or tragic event.

2018 Impact Report