CU Award Programs

Following the philosophy of “People helping people,” credit unions continue to make a difference for their members and the communities they serve. While focusing on membership needs, credit unions work for the ongoing development of communities through policies developed and accepted by the members.

The LSCU is proud to recognize professionals, volunteers, and credit unions that have made outstanding contributions to the development and growth of the credit union movement through the LSCU Awards process and by participating in the CUNA Awards program.

CUNA Awards

CUNA’s National Award programs are designed to encourage and recognize distinguished credit unions which demonstrate social responsibility (the Dora Maxwell Award), the credit union philosophy (the Louise Herring Award), and financial education (the Desjardins Awards).

Online Submission Process

In an effort to streamline the submission process for our member credit unions and to reduce financial and human resources spent on the submission process, CUNA and the Leagues have collaborated to produce one standardized format and online submission process for the following awards:

Submission Instructions

You will automatically establish an account when you create an application to submit your first project by clicking on the designated link below. You may save your work and return to the submission site as often as needed as long as you complete and submit all parts of the project submission by the due date for the respective awards program.

Go to LSCU’s homepage for CUNA Award submissions.

The homepage includes directions, previous winners, and information on the awards. The links for the award submissions are also on the homepage.