For Credit Unions

Newspapers, radio, and television are valuable tools for providing information about credit unions to consumers. While you cannot expect the news media to always be on your side, you can develop good working relationships with them, and build opportunities for gaining positive news coverage.

By cultivating stronger relationships with media in Alabama and Florida and engaging local, state, and national media outlets, LSCU highlights the good works of credit unions by placing them in the spotlight as consumer-friendly financial institutions working to assist their members and the communities in which they serve.

In turn, we want to be a resource to credit unions in need of media assistance such as talking points on specific subject matter or tips for speaking with the media. LSCU communications staff is always available to assist member credit unions with the media. If you have questions, need pointers on how to deal with a media request, or would like for us to handle the media request (if appropriate), contact any of the LSCU communications staff.

Read tips about how to effectively use the media as a tool to help spread the good word about your credit union and to gain positive news coverage about credit unions in general.