Send in your PAC contributions for 2018

Now is the time to send in PAC contributions! Credit unions and chapters are encouraged to send all FedPAC and state PAC donations as soon as possible to meet or exceed their fundraising goals for 2018. These funds help elect credit union friendly candidates to office while also cultivating relationships with lawmakers and increasing access […]

Washington Wire – Dec. 4, 2018

According to the Washington Wire this week, due to President George H.W. Bush’s passing Friday night, the Congressional schedule is very likely to change, and both the House and Senate are in session this week. With government funding expiring on Friday at midnight, the Congress is expected to focus most of its energy on reaching […]

Regulators issue statement to give FIs flexibility on BSA compliance

The NCUA, along with the U.S. Department of Treasury and banking regulators, issued a statement on Dec. 3 designed to give financial institutions flexibility to be more innovative in how they comply with BSA requirements. The regulators told institutions to “consider, evaluate, and, where appropriate, responsibly implement innovative approaches to meet their Bank Secrecy Act […]

Update settings to receive education webinar notifications

The LSCU partners with Credit Union Webinar Network (CUWN) to bring you more than 150 webinars each year covering compliance, lending, regulations, security, operations, new accounts, collections, fraud, security, and other topics. CUWN has recently made improvements to serve you better. Unfortunately, some changes may have caused you to miss important webinar announcements. If you haven’t seen news […]

LSCU CU professionals become certified CUDE

Alabama and Florida credit union professionals were among 42 new people certified as Credit Union Development Educators (CUDEs) after completing the National Credit Union Foundation’s Credit Union Development Education (DE) Training. The most recent DE graduating class included Zachary Churchill, USF Federal Credit Union in Florida; Jody Mattson, America’s First Federal Credit Union in Alabama; Harry […]

Infosight Spotlight: Proposed amendments to Regulation CC

The Federal Reserve Board and Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection have jointly announced proposed amendments to Regulation CC (12 CFR part 229) that would implement a statutory requirement to adjust for inflation the amount of funds depository institutions must make available to their customers. The amendments would apply in circumstances ranging from next business day withdrawal of […]