Survey finds consumers will spend less this holiday season

In a new survey from CUNA and the Consumers Federation of America (CFA), slightly lower than expected holiday spending from consumers will take place in 2015 than was reported in 2014. The 16th annual holiday spending survey revealed that 10 percent, same as last year, said they would spend more; however, this year 38 percent […]

Florida Gov. Rick Scott unveils his policy and budget recommendations for 2016

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is calling for $1 billion in tax cuts and $250 million for recruiting business to Florida. The governor released his budget recommendations on Monday at Harbinger Sign, a sign manufacturing company in Jacksonville. He chose the location to emphasize his push for major tax cuts in the budget. He also talked […]

Unemployment rate continues downward trend in Alabama and Florida

Unemployment numbers for Alabama and Florida continued a downward trend in October. Alabama saw its rate drop to 5.9 percent which is a .3 percent change from October 2014. In Florida the rate dropped to 5.1 percent which is a .7 percent change from Oct. 2014. Also in October, Florida created 36,000 new jobs which […]

NCUA issues proposed field of membership changes for comments

The NCUA board held its November open meeting Thursday morning with the field of membership (FOM) proposal being the hot topic. As expected, it passed the board on a 3-0 vote. The proposal is an ambitious update to the field of membership rules. Chairman Debbie Matz said that it is the most comprehensive reform in […]