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Wal-Mart announced holders of its branded MasterCard will be receiving new cards with EMV (Europay-Visa-MasterCard) chips embedded within the next few weeks.

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International Credit Union Day (ICU Day) is Oct. 19. Order your ICU Day merchandise today for a chance to win free shipping.

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Florida Primary Election results

08/27/2014 09:00 am

The results for Florida's primary election are in and there was one upset and another race that will most likely to a recount.

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LSCU Annual Fall Hike the Hill

Sept. 16-17, 2014
Washington, D.C.

Register today for this premier lobbying event. The agenda includes a visit to the NCUA headquarters, a reception at the Credit Union House, and meetings with Alabama and Florida members of Congress. The perfect opportunity to tell your legislators the credit union story and discuss the issues pertinent to the credit union industry.

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Customizable Compliance Solution

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A Complete Compliance Management and Tracking Solution.

LSCU is offering Complysight which will help credit unions deal with the crush of demands. Credit unions are able to match specific products and services that they offer so they can easily track the regulations on each one. Regulatory alerts are tailored to a credit union’s needs so the credit union is ensured that it remains in compliance, even with new and amended regulations. ComplySight also offers a grading tool to ensure a credit union’s compliance level is the highest possible.


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Maximize Your Lending Performance

CU Members Mortgage has served the mortgage lending needs of credit unions for more than 30 years, CUSOs, and league partners across the nation. As a result, thousands of members have found the perfect home loan solution in the hands of the financial institution they trust - your credit union.



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