Representing more than 248 credit unions with more than $83 billion in assets and more than 6.8 million members, the League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates (LSCU) is the trade association for Alabama and Florida credit unions.

LSCU was formed in 2009 through the consolidation of the Alabama Credit Union League and Florida Credit Union League and provides advocacy, compliance support, education, training, and information with relevant services and business strategies to support its members in fulfilling their mission. LEVERAGE, the LSCU Service Corporation, provides best-in-class products and services for credit unions across the country. The Southeastern Credit Union Foundation provides professional development, financial literacy, disaster relief, and fundraising opportunities for credit unions. Learn more about the history of the credit union movement in Alabama and Florida.

LSCU Mission Statement

To create an environment that enables credit unions to grow and succeed.

LSCU Vision Statement

The League of Southeastern Credit Unions will be the trusted source of advocacy and information for credit unions in Alabama and Florida.

Executive Management

Patrick La Pine
Patrick W. La Pine
Steve Willis
Steve Willis
Jared Ross
SVP, Association

Board of Directors

Executive Committee    
Alvin Cowans
Alvin J. Cowans
Tina Willams
Mobile Educators CU
Pat Mason
Pat Mason
Vice Chair
Steve Swofford
Steve Swofford
Alabama CU
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Suncoast CU (FL)
Henry Armstrong
Henry Armstrong
Seat 1
Auburn University FCU
Board Members
Sharon Downing
Sharon Downing
Alabama River CU (AL)
Brad Green
Brad Green
Listerhill CU (AL)
Caryl Green
Caryl Greene
Members First CU of Florida
Jeneatte Keller
Jeanette Keller
Blue Flame FCU (AL)
Rick Skaggs
USF Federal Credit Union (FL)
Mary Ott-Wood
Mary Ott Wood
Florida West Coast CU


Alvin J. Cowans
Tina Willams
Vice Chair
Mobile Educators CU
Shane Nobbley
Family Security CU (AL)
Stewart Ramsey-LEVERAGE
Stewart Ramsey
Pen Air FCU (FL)

Joe McGee
Legacy Community FCU (AL)

Darryl Worrell
Envision Credit Union (FL)
Brad Green
LSCU At-Large Director
Listerhill CU (AL)
Caryl Green
Caryl Greene
LSCU At-Large Director
Members First
CU of Florida
Rick Skaggs
LSCU At-Large Director
USF Federal Credit Union (FL)

Staff Directory

League of Southeastern Credit Union & Affiliates Main Phone: 866.231.0545

Staff Name Title Extension
April Ales Vice President, Membership Relations, Cooperative Initiatives 1038
Bill Berg Vice President, Compliance Training & Information 1028
Blake Westbrook Political Affairs Manager - AL 2164
Brooke Morris VP, Credit Union Relations 2178
Cara Clark Communications Manager 2136
Cindy Greiwe Senior Accountant 1152
David Hairston Network Administrator 1132
Earl Major Technology Support Analyst 1176
Gerald McSwain Facilities & Operations Manager 1124
Jared Ross Senior Vice President, Association Services 1012
Jason Cochran Sr. Director of Governmental Affairs - AL 2159
Jennifer Martin Sr. Director, Governmental Affairs - FL 1150
JoAnne Funk Member Relations Consultant 2111
Jo Beth Wicks Director, Events 2172
Jordan Burroughs Political Affairs Coordinator 1008
Judy Scott Member Relations Consultant 1062
Juli Lewis Director, Southeastern CU Foundation 1108
Kate Brady Executive Assistant to President/CEO 1060
Kim Gay Director, Communications 1022
Leia White Director, Human Resources 1140
Mike Lee Director of Regulatory Advocacy 2165
Patrick W. La Pine President/CEO 1002
Teresa Gray Vice President, Education & Training 2110
Tyrell Baker Chief Technology Officer 1136
Business Solutions Job Title Phone Extension
Alan Badcock Sr. Director, Product Development 1102
Amy Bryant Senior Member Service Representative 1196
Angela Harris Card Services Manager 1190
Bonique Turner Staff Auditor 2124
Brooke Collins Contract Management Analyst 1050
Chris Dirmann Director, Card Services 1182
Dallas Barton Audit Manager 1096
Deirdre Rhodes Product Support Manager 1104
Desario Smith Contract Management Analyst 1194
Gwen Davis Member Service Representative 1186
Hannah Hutcheson Business Development Consultant 1016
Hiram Hollifield VP, Audit & Consulting 205.437.2132
Jacquelyn Singleton Member Service Representative 1184
Jay Brady Vice President, Card Services 1106
Karen Frazee Business Development Consultant 1112
Karen Ruggiero Senior Analyst, CUVM 303.502.2333 x5
Kathy Hollifield Senior Auditor 423.802.1990
Kelli Silvernale Director, Vendor Management, CUVM 303.502.2333 x4
Kim McCallum Contract Management Analyst, CUVM 303.502.2333 x305
Laura Heard CUACG Support Specialist 2131
Laura Vann VP, Shared Branching 2181
Lewis CarlLee Director of Sales 1144
Marcus King Staff Auditor 662.322.1038
Mark Wilsie Audit Manager 423.243.4444
Mike Kiene Director, Transactional Services 1120
Mike Wewerka Marketing Production Manager 1040
Morris Perry Staff Auditor 2156
Nicole Irwin Staff Auditor 2135
Nicole McCants Member Service Representative 1194
Robert Williams Product Manager 1064
Ryan O'Connor VP, Marketing & Communications 1072
Shawna Southerland Senior Auditor 865.567.8371
Stephanie Canfield Manager, Product Development 1044
Stephanie Moore Staff Auditor 205.437.2123
Steven Pullara Business Development Consultant 1164
Steve Willis SVP/COO 1004
Tammy Williams Member Service Representative 1189
Tiesha Akins Member Service Representative 1192
Vickie Taylor Senior Auditor 423.502.9984
Yvonte Harvey P/T Member Service Representative 1198

Our Core Values


I have a thorough understanding of my job and the goals of our organization. I continue to educate myself and apply my learning in ways that are valuable and useful. I am seen as an expert in my field.

Client Service

I am passionate about building enduring relationships. I add value by treating every client and team member as though they are the most important person by working diligently and with a positive attitude, to achieve their goals.


I conduct myself in a manner that reflects objectivity, competence, and humility. I believe in a solid work ethic consisting of punctuality, dedication, and self discipline. I represent the organization in a positive way and exhibit good judgement.


I am consistently relied upon to follow through and deliver on my commitments. I proactively perform my job to the best of my ability with attention to detail. I produce quality work for all.


I am committed to being a forward thinker. I seek out cutting edge products and methods to improve efficiency, productivity, and sales. I embrace collaboration and the fluid exchange of ideas.


I own my actions and am answerable for the outcome. I honor the commitments I make to others. I accept responsibility for my role and deliver quality results.


I inspire and empower others by setting high standards for myself and serving as an example for what I expect from them. I effectively communicate expectations. I am committed to making necessary, informed, and timely decisions.


I appreciate the rights, opinions, and competencies of those with whom I interact. I listen to what others have to say and treat them as I wish to be treated. I acknowledge and value the time and effort of others, recognizing that we all play an integral part in the success of our organization and our credit unions.


I earn trust and gain confidence by possessing a high level of ethical credibility. I tell the truth, keep my word, and respect the boundaries of confidentiality.


I speak and act with good purpose using empowering and positive conversation. I effectively convey critical business information in a timely manner. I refrain from idle talk or rumor.


My behavior is in perfect alignment with the high moral and ethical standards I possess. I adhere to what is right even without an audience. I am transparent and honest in all that I say and do.


I commit to collaborating with my team members in the interest of cohesiveness, effectiveness, and efficiency. I am sympathetic to those who request assistance and freely give it when asked. I listen, acknowledge, and compromise when necessary to achieve common goals.