Cooperative Initiatives

LSCU’s Cooperative Initiatives (CI) team builds strong relationships with member credit unions and chapters. Leagues have always been a catalyst for cooperative activities, and our job is to help our members be leaders in their communities and help them differentiate themselves from other financial institutions.

The LSCU understands that smaller credit unions have a unique set of needs. The Small Asset Size (SAS) Credit Union Program creates a better environment for small credit unions to ensure that their unique needs are met through tailored products and services. Through on-site consulting, the CI team helps SAS credit unions identify their market niches and build strategies for long-term growth.

In addition, CI houses the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation, continuing to facilitate contributions and need-based scholarships. We utilize our international partnerships to advise and work in nations where credit unions are emerging. In addition, CI works cooperatively with credit unions and chapters to expand financial literacy offerings to members and the communities our credit unions serve.

Target areas for Cooperative Initiatives: