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Common Cents The LSCU Podcast

Welcome to Common Cents, the LSCU podcast, where we talk about credit unions and the industry.


The Common Cents podcast is on a mission to communicate with credit unions and anyone with contact with the industry with a fast and furious approach.

Common Cents will help keep credit unions in Alabama, Florida and Georgia up-to-date on a wide variety of topics from advocacy to the best credit union products and more all in less than 20 minutes a week. We’ll speak with industry experts, insiders and more. LSCU releases at least one new podcast every week on Mondays at 9:00 a.m. EST.

Listen to our most recent podcasts here or go here to see all of the Common Cents episodes.


About The Host

As a former broadcast journalist and communications professional, LSCU's Director of Communications Ann Naiman is excited to help head up the Common Cents podcast.

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If you want to join us on Common Cents as a guest, please email Ann Naiman and we'll get it scheduled.

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