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The League of Southeastern Credit Unions & Affiliates (LSCU) offers a comprehensive publication library, so you can find the reading material that suits your research, entertainment, educational, or awareness needs.

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LSCU Insight (Formerly LSCU Today)
LSCU's publication is emailed to subscribers Tuesday and Thursday and encompasses timely and topical stories about happenings of the League, affiliated credit unions, the political arena, and more.

Southeastern CU News

Financial Wellness Toolkit

Your Trusted Advocate, Value of Affiliation
Read how LSCU & Affiliates works with member credit unions to make the movement stronger.

The LSCU & Affiliates 2023 affiliation brochure, "Charting The Course In Uncertain Times"

PDF Version of 2023 Affiliates Brochure

LSCU & Affiliates Vendor Directory
The LSCU & Affiliates Vendor Directory is a valuable resource to assist credit union executives in identifying, locating and sourcing credit union suppliers and their products and services.

PDF Version of 2023 Vendor Directory

2024 Vendor Guide Registration

Additional LSCU Publications

Membership Benefits Report

Click here to acces the state Membership Benefits Report for each state.

State Credit Union Profiles

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