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Credit unions’ member-owned, not-for-profit structure is uniquely designed to help working people in a way other financial institutions cannot match.

For-profit financial institutions are designed so customers deliver profits to third-party shareholders. Credit unions are designed to help people afford life.

Embracing Helping People Afford Life® as a common sense of purpose can do more for the credit union movement than a marketing campaign ever could. LSCU encourages credit union CEOs to embrace this slogan and to incorporate it into their credit unions’ lexicons in order to maintain its impact and relevance in the industry. Credit union employees should use Helping People Afford Life® any time they’re asked to differentiate a credit union from a bank.

To learn how credit unions are helping people afford life today, read our 2020 Helping People Afford Life® Outreach Report.


HPAL Story Booklets

Helping People Afford Life® isn’t just a catchy slogan. It’s something credit unions do every day for real people. Over the last several years, we have asked member credit unions to share their stories about ways they’ve helped people afford life. Some of these stories have been collected in an annual Helping People Afford Life® booklet, provided to those who shape public opinion to demonstrate credit unions are worthy of consideration by those who govern and regulate the industry.

HPAL Marketing Resources

If your credit union is interested in promoting the Helping People Afford Life® message, consider the following marketing materials and resources to launch or further promote your campaign!

Helping People Afford Life® Marketing Materials and Resources

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Staff Training

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